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Who Is Xtravaganza

"Provide training that allows people to achieve their goals and go outside with a smile. That's the best motivation ever! "

Personal trainer Migdad Alansari has been working on it his entire life. Sport. Not limited to one kind of sport, no, there are very few sports that "Mike" has not practiced.

He was training hard from an early age on. Around the age of 15 he participated at a high level in competitive swimming and rowing. In addition, he also enjoyed other sports such as football and tennis.

His enormous passion for sports led him to study in his native Serbia, after high school, at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of sport and physical education.

During his studies he had to make a choice between Olympic sports or recreational sports, consciously choosing recreational sport.

"I wanted to find out why people work out. What creates the urge to exercise and live a healthy life? Everyone wants to live a healthy and happy life. A healthy body is essential to function properly. I want to help everyone who has the same mindset but doesn't know how to achieve this. I want to help people have and keep a happy life. Does it get any better than that? "

He already knew that sport, the science behind it and working with people are his calling. His results at the university could only confirm this. He graduated Cum Laude and received his master's degree.

When he met his wife, he moved to the Netherlands, where she already lived. Together they have a daughter and a son who are both just as sporty as himself.

Why Personal Training?

"My first experience with personal training was during my studies. I worked at a high-end studio where people took group trainings twice a week. A different program was put together every week, covering aerobics, strength and cardio training. I was allowed to guide groups but I also came across a special woman."

"She was unhappy with her body and life and didn't know how to make a change. I have given her a number of training and nutrition tips that she could start immediately with. We lost contact but after not seeing her for a year, we met again by accident. I didn't recognize her and couldn't believe my eyes when she told me who she was!"

Her life had changed completely after following Mike’s tips. She lost 41 kilograms, felt healthy, happy and enjoyed every day. "That was my first experience and kick that I got from being able to help people. I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."

Xtravaganza Personal Training

Mike is the proud owner of Xtravaganza PT for over 3 years now. It’s clear what he has to offer and why. The passion and drive to help people with his knowledge and skills are always his main goal. His strength to help lies in the combination of theoretical knowledge and the many years of practical experience.

Are you ready for the start of your new, healthy and happy lifestyle? Then hit the button below and plan a free trial lesson to get to know Xtravaganza!